Caballitos Del Mar - Villa Norte

3 bedroom · 3 bath · 200 sqm/2200 SQFT

The sun shines on Villa Norte just a little earlier than the other villas, illuminating the secluded second-floor balconies which are ideal for that first cup of coffee or tea in the morning. The two second-floor bedrooms have masterful views of the Pacific surf, just a few meters away across the lawn. Or course, you'll have to look over the hibiscus hedge, past the giant ficus tree to see the Pacific. 

The villa practically wraps around a green-blue tiled pool that always seems to be exactly the right temperature for a morning dip, or an afternoon cool-off. Lounge chairs allow comfortable tanning or wrapping around a good book, while the gourmet kitchen beckons if you want to rustle up some eggs and gallo pinto. Hey, it's all good, and there's no place you have to be.