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There are several ways to contact us if you're interested in booking one of the three villas. First, our property manager, Neil Harding, can handle any booking inquiries, and can also help you with booking excursions during your stay. 

Neil Harding, manager,

Incidentally, if you book directly, using Neil's website, you avoid the Airbnb or VRBO fees, and while we love those companies, they do charge for their services. If you click here, you can avoid the service charges.

Second, the owners of Caballitos del Mar, Mark and Debby Bernardi and Chuck and Susan Hawley are happy to answer questions about the property, Dominical, etc. 

Mark Bernardi, co-owner,
Chuck Hawley, co-owner,

Third, you can visit our villas' listings on VRBO and Airbnb. We don't have a preference as to which company you use, so if you've had a good experience with either one, feel free to use it. Costa Rica imposes a 13% tax on lodging, and the two companies handle the payment of the tax differently. The prices charged are the same, but the prices on VRBO are net of taxes, while the prices on Airbnb include applicable taxes.

Our manager's site

Villa Norte VRBO
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Villa Central VRBO
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Villa Sur VRBO
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