Steps from the ocean, nestled in the jungle

3 bedroom · 3.5 bath · 200 sqm/2200 SQFT

As we looked for property in the Dominical area, we realized that virtually all available land was up in the mountains, away from the ocean, which didn't allow kids (or adults) to go for an impromptu beach walk without getting in the car. At the very least, it required crossing the coastal highway. Then we found Caballitos del Mar. Nestled on a narrow piece of land along the beach, it provided enough room for three homes of moderate size, with pools, and it combined the gorgeous trees of Costa Rica with the crashing surf of the Pacific. Truly an ideal combination.

We ended up with three identical homes, owned by three compatible partner-families. While the homes are relatively close, there's lush landscaping that provides privacy without resorting to fences or walls. An 8,000 sq ft "Zona Proteccion" lies to the south, filled with lush jungle plants, that can never be built upon. Every effort has been made to lessen the impact on the environment, since sea turtles create their nests within 100m of the homes and lights and noise can disturb them. 

Villa Sur is slightly different than the other homes, as it has 3 1/2 bathrooms, allowing access to a bathroom without entering a bedroom. Otherwise, it's identical, with slate floors, wonderful stone "tile" bathrooms, gorgeous wooden-framed windows, and a gourmet kitchen. There's a sense of airiness, since the second floor is only partial and allows 20' ceilings over the kitchen and dining area (as with the other villas). Fans are located in key locations, and the windows slide open to allow the tradewinds to flow through. At night, zone air conditioners can make bedrooms more comfortable, or leave the sliding glass doors open and let the sound of the surf lull you to sleep.